Elia Cohen-Weissert

24 - Israel


Started playing the cello at the age of 7 at the Jerusalem Conservatory of music and merely two years afterwards, received an honorary scholarship from the America-Israel foundation. She completed her Bachelor studies in the class of Prof. Jens Peter Maintz at The UDK - Berlin and from October 2016 is studying at Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel in Waterloo in the class of Gary Hoffman and Jeroen Reuling.

Performed in several renowned music festivals such as the Verbier festival and the Kronberg Cello festival, and is performing regularly in Europe as well as Russia, Israel, and the United States of America, as a chamber musician and as a soloist.

Received many prizes in national and international competitions. Plays on a cello made by Jean-Baptist Vuillaum in 1833.

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