#TCH16 First Round — Joyous Atmosphere, Incredible Musical Talent

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First Round of The XVI International Tchaikovsky Competition

The atmosphere here in Moscow and St. Petersburg is full of excitement with the #TCH16 first round demonstrating the exceptional talent of this year's competitors. Daredevil instrument playing and breathtaking voices - skills that young musicians are showing are truly astonishing and it will be indeed a tough choice for the jury to pick the best.

But choose they will! Already on Thursday the decision will be made on who among the participants in piano, violin and cello categories is going to perform in semi-finals. Voice and woodwind musicians will learn whether they pass to the next stage on Friday, while brass instrument players will start their journey at the competition on Saturday.

Check our calendar  for the full schedule and don't forget that you can always replay  the performances you missed or want to watch again!