[Video ►] Tchaikovsky: behind the music #2

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Once upon a time, Tchaikovsky and Saint-Saëns danced at the Moscow Conservatory... No really! Here's what happened.

They met and discover that they both love ballet. And that they both knew how to imitate some of the steps brilliantly... 

Next thing you know?

They are dancing on the stage of the Moscow Conservatory. The ballet? Galatea and Pygmalion.

Next thing you know?

The sculptor, aka Tchaikovsky, executes a perfect double cabriole derrière. Pygmalion, aka Saint-Saëns, flies with a grand jeté and a pas de chat. Accompagned by Nikolaï Rubinstein at the piano.

Next thing you know?

The curtain falls on a fabulous show! The performers are taking their bows. The audience? No one. It's as though it never happened...